Your Path to a Lifetime of Book Profit

You devoted precious time and energy to writing your non-fiction book.

And you earned every bump and bruise along the way - writing draft-after-draft, editing, proofreading, interior and exterior art, publishing... The Works.

The book is printed, the online sales accounts are up, everyone in your world knows the book exists.

Finally! You are done! Right?

Not so much.

You aren't helping enough people and you certainly aren't earning the money you'd like.

You've heard that the book is the ultimate authority-builder, so you research ways to sell more books and build related products.

A natural solution: build a course based on the book!

The similarities between developing and publishing a nonfiction book and a course are too good to be true. The logic and processes involved in creating these products make them natural companions.

You also like that online courses can reach anyone in the world at the speed of the internet and cost much more than books.

But you soon learn that creating a course involves a lot more than you initially thought.

  • How do you develop a respectable course?
  • How do you define course goals and objectives?
  • How do you choose lesson types?
  • Should you have quizzes? Surveys? Tests?
  • Should the course be 100% on-demand? Should you include live lessons?
  • What's a mini course?
  • How do you bundle courses?
  • How do you build course critiques?
  • What the heck is a Learning Management System and do you need one?
  • How do you build course website pages?
  • How do you create discount coupons for courses?
  • Should you use affiliates or revenue share partners?
  • What about recording video and audio? What equipment and software do you need?
  • How do you price your course?
  • How can you market your course?
  • How do you maintain a course after it's built?
  • What the heck is a Customer Relationship Management software and do you need it?

I created this course to make all of this easy to learn. 
(you can thank me later 🙂)

My name is Lucas Marino and I'm the author of Monetize Your Book With a Course. I'm a course creation nerd, a certified Thinkific Expert, and a retired military veteran with a career in professional training.

Don't let my doctor's degree in engineering fool you. I have a healthy sense of humor and built a multi-six figure career as a servant leader, coach, and serial entrepreneur.

I built this course to help you quickly create a profitable and impactful course from your book. It's what I do every day for my clients.

This hybrid course includes lifetime access to dozens of video lessons, templates, a weekly live group Q&A session, and expert tips to help you build a profitable course from your book.

Let's get to work, shall we? Click on one of the magic enrollment buttons and let's make you some money.

Launch Your Course with Confidence

You will build a course from your book. Don't be intimidated, everything is here, simplified, and ready for you to learn. Lifetime access to a course that pays you for a lifetime.

  • Curriculum and Content

    You have the expertise, now gain the knowledge to build the curriculum your students deserve. Learn to build course content like a pro.

  • Course and Site Settings

    Learn how to offer and maintain a functional, lucrative course. Building it only half the battle! Now you need to market, deliver, and maintain it!

  • Tools of the Trade

    You want your course to stand out in a good way. Let's simplify course tech. Learn about learning management systems, digital workbooks, and a ton of great references for enhanced learning.

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Let's Learn More About You!

    3. 2023 Monthly Live Q&A Link! We meet every Wednesday at 3pm Eastern Time

    1. Similarities between books and courses

    1. Develop curriculum that serves your students

    2. The 5-Points to Form the Foundation of Your Curriculum

    3. Point #1 - Identify Your Ideal Learner

    4. Point #2 - Identify the Learner's Problem

    5. Point #3 - Identify and Validate the Solution

    6. Point #4 - Identify the Learner's Outcome

    7. Point #5 - Identify Learning Objectives

    1. Delivery methods: on-demand, hybrid, live delivery

    2. Develop chapters and lessons

    3. Lesson types

    4. Develop assessments - quizzes, surveys, and exams

    5. Should you write scripts?

    6. Video recording fundamentals

    7. Affordable video camera options

    8. Recording audio

    1. Drip content

    2. Course bundles

    3. Pricing considerations

    4. Pricing options (format)

    5. Payment processing

    6. Groups, cohorts, and communities

    7. Tracking learner performance

    1. The 10 points of a Predevelopment Launch

    2. Determining interest and planning your MVP

    3. Predevelopment curriculum planning

    4. The business side of the predevelopment launch

    5. The beta is done. Now what?

About this course

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  • 38 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

Your book is more than the ultimate business card. Monetize your book today.

Instructed by Thinkific Expert Lucas Marino.

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