You built a course. Now, the fun begins!

You invested your precious time and money into creating a course that resonates with your intended learners. However, far too often, courses launch without much fanfare and that can take the wind out of your sails. You need people to buy your course. You need to market your course like a pro to help others and make money along the way.

  • Gain Confidence

    You are confident that the solution your course offers learners is worth their investment. However, most of us aren't confident in our ability to market that solution. This course will help you gain that confidence.

  • Monetize Your Course

    You built a course to help others and create a line of income. You developed the product and spent the money, now it's time to make a return on your investment and more.

  • Achieve Progress

    You are motivated to see progress happen. You built a course and are ready to see your business thrive while helping others. This will happen if you successfully market your course.

Course curriculum

    1. Does your course even exist? Is it shelf-ware?

    2. What the heck is marketing?

    3. Marketing vs. sales

    4. Considerations

    5. Funnels, funnels, funnels

    1. Your website

    2. Your other products are billboards

    3. Your email list is gold

    4. Your blog

    5. Newsletters (scheduled & regular)

    1. Choose your platform(s)

    2. The anatomy of a great post

    3. LinkedIn newsletters

    4. Build your network

    1. Be present, be known

    2. Conferences

    3. Summits

    4. Local events

    1. Partnerships are key

    2. Affiliate partners

    3. Revenue share partners

About this course

  • $500.00
  • 30 lessons

Meet your instructor

Lucas Marino

Training Business Coach, Thinkific Expert

Lucas C. Marino, D.Eng., PMP is a serial entrepreneur of training businesses and is the founder of Marino Training, EAST Partnership, and co-founder of the Empire Builder’s Masterclass. Lucas helps entrepreneurs and authors launch and sustain online training products. He is a Thinkific Expert, host of the Conversations with Course Creators podcast, and author of MONETIZE YOUR BOOK WITH A COURSE. A military engineer by experience, he spent 21-years as a naval engineer and training manager in the United States Coast Guard. Lucas is passionate about developing others and collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs.

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