Is your book actually making you money?

Is your book actually making you money?

You put your heart, soul, time, and money into your book.  

Unfortunately, it is not earning you royalties or bringing in the business you thought it would. The vision you had for your book, the picture in your head, has simply not come to fruition.

Or maybe you’re currently working on a book — everybody says you should write a book! — but have no plan of how it’s going to bring in business. 

Maybe your friends and family say you can’t make money from a book.

Then you do the math and realize the odds of you making back the money you’ve spent publishing your book from book sales alone is really low.

Or non-existent.

Let’s face it: if you’re going to spend — conservatively — a hundred hours doing something to make money, shouldn’t you actually make money? 

But you also didn’t just write your book to make money.

You wrote a book to help people. You know the more people that read your book, the better off they will be. But if you can’t get the book out into the world, it’s not going to help those people or help your business.

You know you need to “market your book” and “market with your book” but you have no idea how to actually do either of those effectively.

And if this keeps going, it's only going to get worse.

Writing the book will have been a waste of time and money. It will sell a handful of copies, then get put on your bookshelf and you’ll move on with your life.  

Instead of getting your message out to the world, it’s going to languish in obscurity. 

You’re an expert–you have knowledge and training and education and expertise — and you’ve poured it into your book because you know if someone will just read it (or recognize you’re the expert who can help them), the world will be a better place.  

You win, they win, the world wins.  

THAT is what your book should be doing.  

But if you don’t know how to actually use your book to build a business, you’re going to leave millions of dollars on the table that you could have made.  

Literally millions. Maybe tens of millions.