Build Your Online Course with Confidence

There is A LOT to learn about building an online course. Don't be intimidated, everything is here, simplified, and ready for you to learn.

  • Curriculum and Content

    Build the curriculum your students deserve. Learn how to identify your ideal learner, build your course outline, and create lessons of all types including video, text, audio, presentations, multimedia, and downloads.

  • Course Administration

    Learn about on-demand, hybrid, live delivery options, and drip content. Also learn pricing considerations, bundles, cohorts, communities, how to launch your pre-sale, process payments, and track student performance. Whew!

  • Tools of the Trade

    You want your course to stand out in a good way. Learn how to load your course in Thinkific, build a landing page, add blogs, digital workbooks, animations, and a ton of great references for enhanced learning.

Build Your Online Course Today


You have landed on this page because you want to build a quality online course to serve your clients and your business.

As a subject matter expert you've developed a great reputation as a consultant, coach, or writer (maybe all three!).

However, you haven't launched your course yet and you want a solid plan in place before you invest the time, energy, and money into building your course.

All of the Things
As you looked into building a course, you realized there is a LOT to learn.

Building curriculum, picking a learning management system, standing up the site (so many pages), building courses, processing enrollments, certificates, rosters, collecting funds, developing course launch plans, creating groups, progress reports, calculating and processing payments to revenue share partners and affiliates, and more (there's always something, right?).

Like I said, it's a lot.

Well, go ahead and mark your launch date on your calendar because I already know you will succeed in building your course.

You are ready to learn and to DO what it takes to build and launch your course and I'm ready to teach you how.

This course is focused on results through knowledge and action.

What You'll Learn

How To Build Course Content

✔️ Develop curriculum that serves your students

✔️ Identify your ideal learner

✔️ Develop course goals and objectives

✔️ Develop chapters and lessons

✔️ Develop assessments - quizzes, surveys, and exams

✔️ Should you write scripts?

✔️ Recording video and audio

✔️ Delivery methods: on-demand, hybrid, live delivery

Course Administration

✔️ How to launch your pre-sale

✔️ Drip content

✔️ Pricing considerations

✔️ Payment processing

✔️ Course bundles

✔️ Groups, cohorts, and communities

✔️ Student performance tracking

Course Technology

✔️ Fundamentals of a Learning Management System

✔️ Building a landing page

✔️ Site blogs

✔️ Digital workbooks

✔️ Animations

Lifetime access, live weekly Q&A sessions, tons of resource referrals.

The Common Mistakes

I've watched entrepreneurs go it alone, and the result is often less-than-desirable and far more costly: delayed launches, substandard sites, customer dissatisfaction, lost sales, time away from the main business, and the inevitable burn-out from putting the heart in the right place but trying to do too much.

You need help building a course but hiring a consultant is out of the question.

You don't have spare time to spend "figuring it out" and it's super risky considering all of the tech, tasks, and competition.

Breathe with me. There is good news! I'm stepping in and hitting the "easy" button for you. I've launched a successful training business, I'm a certified Thinkific Expert, coach, mentor, optimist, realist, and fellow entrepreneur. I'm going to guide you through this.

Let's get your course built QUICKLY.

Let's reduce your workload and stress.

Let's teach you how to launch a successful online course.

Sound like a plan?

Meet Your Instructor, Lucas

Lucas Marino

Training Business Coach, Thinkific Expert

Lucas C. Marino, D.Eng., PMP is a serial entrepreneur of training businesses and is the founder of Marino Training, EAST Partnership, and co-founder of the Empire Builder’s Masterclass. Lucas helps entrepreneurs and authors launch and sustain online training products. He is a Thinkific Expert, host of the Conversations with Course Creators podcast, and author of MONETIZE YOUR BOOK WITH A COURSE. A military engineer by experience, he spent 21-years as a naval engineer and training manager in the United States Coast Guard. Lucas is passionate about developing others and collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs.

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